Friday, May 1, 2009

Visualisations of the new 9,300m³ Design Museum London

The visualisation by OMA architects
The link to an article about the new Dsign Museum in London

MAK Cologne, where are the objects?

Last November the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln (Museum for Applied Art Cologne) renovated its design collection, so I decided to see what's new, and made a trip to Cologne. The exhibits were reduced and many texts and pictures where added. The order was traditional chronological and typical furniture oriented.

This museum is a good place to discover furniture design history, but there is no overview over design history in general: E.G. there is only one TV-Set (the famous Brionvega cube), but no other for comparison (like the TVs by Starck for Thomson, the Braun TV3 or some well-designed Philips TV). There were also no samples for graphic design but many pieces of modern art mixed between the items.

Let me say there was too much rumour about an conventional and unreflected permanent exhibition. It is the right place for somebody who belives that industrial design is in mayor furniture design and something like art. For people seeing design as a work sharing society it isn't.

See the album:

Köln, Museum für angewandte Kunst