Friday, August 3, 2007

List of past and new exhibitions

Do you know that the Book "The origin of things" came together with an exhibition with the same name in 2003 in Rotterdam? Or that bath and design was the theme of an exhibition in Hamburg?

Our "List of some design history relevant exhibitions" gives you an overview on important milestones of exhibitions and helps you searching concrete informations about themes of design history.

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Joana said...


I'm an equipment design student at Lisbon's Fine-Arts School and I'm currently researching for a History of Design assignment concerning Design Exhibitions and Fairs.
I've recently past across your blog and I was surprised to find that you (supposedly) had a list of those events. The bad news were that the .pdf file was no longer available, as I found out when I tried to download it through here.

So, what I ask is if you could please send me that list through email, as soon as you can. I'm sure it would be of a great help to my research.
Thank you in advance

Joana Nascimento

P.S: I sent you an email to your address (the one shown in your blog)